Sunday, June 14, 2009

All Good Things Come To An End

Dear known readers and Jade blog stalkers, 

This is the end of our journey together. It has been a pleasure the past 18 months. Jade returns honorably from her mission in Kaohsiung tomorrow, Monday June 15th. Please be jealous because my flight to Vegas is in a few hours and I get to see her step off the plane!  I am sure there will be a hiatus for a week or two but she will most likely resume her blog which you can get to here. 

Thanks for being important in her life and for supporting her throughout her mission. She has such wonderful friends and family. 

All My Love,

Mandi Scandal.

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Diane said...

Mandi I am a blog stalker and I found this blog just as my own daughter was leaving for her mission. Reading Sister Ozawa's experiences helped me through the first weeks that my daughter was gone. Thank you for taking the time to share her letters. I have been a little tearful as I have watched the countdown to when she arrives home. Enjoy your time with her. Thanks again, Diane